Whether your grants fund cutting-edge research in Health, financial assistance to those after a disaster, or supplemental funds for education, IntelliGrants provides a flexible framework for multiple different agencies to distribute their grants online. The grants implemented and distributed in IntelliGrants have significant impacts on local communities throughout the United States. Not only do the grants that are internally tracked in the system help boost local community funding, but IntelliGrants also helps grant administrative staff cut cost, save time, and report on the important factors to each department or agency.

Agate understands that each process is unique, and therefore, we celebrate diversity. The diversity of our clients challenges us to continuously innovate and make the user experience better. Although each system is unique to each agency, the software universally provides a more efficient grant process by significantly reducing paperwork, time spent processing, and overall cost. Implementations of the software encompass areas of expertise in Education, Disaster Recovery, Highway Safety, Health, Housing, Justice, Nonprofits, and Transportation.

IntelliGrants empowers educational leaders and policymakers to work together for a smoother grant management and reporting process. Greater emphasis can be placed on implementing state and federal accountability provisions, evaluating program quality, and improving student achievement.

One in four IntelliGrants implementations is with an agency that manages Highway Safety grants. By partnering with our Highway Safety clients and leveraging our experience in web-based grant management solutions, Agate Software, Inc. has created a “Best Practices” for Highway Safety grants management initiatives. Implementations for IntelliGrants highway safety solutions include a variety of programs such as Occupant Protection Incentive Grants, Alcohol-impaired Driving Countermeasures Incentive, State and Community Highway Safety Grant, Motorcycle Safety, Speed and Traffic Enforcement, and Pedestrian Safety Education Enforcement.

Agate software has worked extensively with multiple housing agencies to customize their grant and loan management experience. One of our systems implemented for the Michigan State Housing Development Authority’s (MSHDA) has one of the most comprehensive housing grant and loan management systems in the country. Another one of our clients was able to reduce the processing period by 1-2 weeks and eliminate excessive paperwork. Through an IntelliGrants implementation they eliminated the average paper application (4-6 inches thick of paperwork per application).

IntelliGrants has been implemented for multiple justice programs with ample success. One of our clients mentioned, “The use of this technology has allowed us to save not only staff time but time for our grantees. It is worth the up-front investment in development of a system that works for our needs and has allowed us to benefit from “green” practices by eliminating paper documents.”

For many years Nonprofits have struggled to determine if their programs were meaningful, sustainable, or measurable. The increased demand for evidence of results and for transparency in management has required organizations to closely monitor how grants they receive and grants they give out are being used. Nonprofits, such as Susan G. Komen for the Cure, have been able to gather important qualitative and quantitative data through IntelliGrants.

Many State departments have found IntelliGrants to be the ideal solution for transportation grant programs. Currently, the software hosts programs such as public transportation, automobile burglary and theft prevention, multimodal, trucking, maritime, and aeronautics. One implementation was able to increase the number of grant proposals by 22% and reduce paper storage by eliminating 10 file cabinets of stored records.