Grant management does not have to be cumbersome. Numerous Federal, State, and Nonprofit grant programs have come to discover the simplified and flexible framework of our IntelliGrants solution.

IntelliGrants is the scalable, Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) grants management solution developed using Microsoft .NET that can address the entire grant lifecycle from application submittal and review through contract creation, funds disbursement, and post-grant reporting. Over the years, IntelliGrants has won multiple awards and hit a historical benchmark for being the first grant management software to submit, approve and track grant management online.

Agate Software is the only vendor authorized to provide configuration services for the IntelliGrants™ program. Any work from another vendor besides Agate Software will negate the warranty of the IntelliGrants software.

Our staff maintains an in-depth understanding of the detailed processes surrounding the administration of grants from advertisement through closeout. This experience allows Agate to focus on understanding the specific elements that are unique to each organization’s process and provide recommendations on best practices and how to incorporate those elements into an online environment.

The IntelliGrants 80/20 Model

Our IntelliGrants solution is composed of vital elements for any grant management initiative based off of ongoing collaboration with our clients and continuous development to transcribe their management needs into online software. These elements comprise the IntelliGrants Core, or the 80% of the functionality residing in IntelliGrants. The remaining 20% of an implementation is focused on client specific configuration.

The core functionality of IntelliGrants incorporates a web-based interface that allows data capture through client specific forms, 24/7 access, configurable workflows, communication tools, as well as powerful and flexible reporting. The IntelliGrants framework allows Agate to leverage proven core functionality combined with precise configuration to meet the needs of any Agency.

This blend of core and precise configuration is a model that allows for high-level flexibility in managing grants for any Agency, while leveraging a proven secure platform. IntelliGrants reduces the dependency on multiple systems to help Agencies manage everyday business activities as efficient as possible.