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Agate Software offers a variety of options to meet your agency’s needs. While most of our clients choose to use the heavily-configurable IntelliGrants system to its fullest potential, Agate offers other options as well. These other options include configuring a statewide standard IntelliGrants grants management system, our off-the-shelf Business Enterprise Program software, and custom products based on the IntelliGrants core.

Grants Management

Since 1997, the IntelliGrants Grants Management Software system has been implemented for use by over 120 clients in 32 states. With the new IGX platform of IntelliGrants, Agate Software is pushing this market into the future with a more responsive, easier to navigate grants management system that retains the robust, top-of-market feature set that our clients are accustomed to.

We provide:

  • Complete lifecycle grant management
  • Configuration to your specific needs
  • Robust reporting tools


Business Enterprise Program

Agate Software’s new IntelliGrants-based Business Enterprise Program management software, BEPro, is an off-the-shelf system designed to help your State Agency collect the inventory and financial data necessary to administer the Randolph-Sheppard Employment Program. This software system has been designed to be used by those who are completely visually impaired using a screen reader, a magnification device, or the web browser’s built-in navigation tools.

We provide:

  • Off-the-shelf system for the Business Enterprise Program
  • Branded to your agency’s logos and colorways
  • Accessible to visually-impaired users


Case Management Software

The IntelliGrants IGX core system can be utilized to manage other case-management needs than inspections, and other case management scenarios. Any need your agency has to move data through a workflow that involves reviews, approvals, and reporting can be met with the IntelliGrants score.

We provide:

  • A fully configurable workflow and data management platform
  • Robust reporting options
  • Flexibility for any of your agency’s needs


Disaster Recovery Software

IntelliGrants systems have been utilized to manage state and municipality Disaster Recovery systems. The IntelliGrants system can be stood up quickly to collect data in the event of a disaster, and further configured with any incident-specific data collection post-disaster.

We provide:

  • Quick implementation of basic data collection
  • Full configuration of scenario-specific forms and reports
  • Easy reporting of post-disaster expenditures

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